Whether it is for a restaurant menu, a college textbook, a company’s logo, or even a graphic tee, you want the person ordering, learning, investing or wearing it, to be engaged!

As a Graphic Designer, when there is a target audience you want to relay a message to, you need to communicate this message through written words and/or images in the clearest way possible. Unfortunately, you probably won’t have the luxury to be there when the audience views the final product, so simply applying a pretty photo will not suffice in making sure your message is received. And a plain written message on its own may not get the attention you want it to. Technically, if I were to follow my own rules, I should be designing this blog to engage you even more right now [insert engaging image here, lol].

How do Graphic Designer build better communication? Often, we start with investing time in research and competitive analysis. Also, we add to the mix our creative eye and of course passion, all while incorporating elements such as layout, type, colour, white space, and more. Certain projects may even require collaborating with others. In those instances, we have the option to resource a team of photographers, illustrators or programmers, creating the perfect melting pot of great talent.

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